Spicy Orange Peel Tofu

The other day I came across the most scrumptious picture of Spicy Orange Peel Tofu on Pinterest.  Of course it just happened to be from one of my all-time favorite blogs, Poppytalk.  I normally shy away from recipes that have more than a handful of ingredients, but since I had almost everything already in my pantry and fridge I went for it.  Helloooo spicy orange deliciousness!!!  The sauce is killer…in a good way.  My house smelled like a sriracha bottle had made out with an orange in my kitchen.  The leftovers the next day were maybe even better.  I love how once you have the sauce mastered you can really add it into any sort of tofu veggie mixture you like.  Personally, I love broccoli and orange together.  My husband absolutely hates cabbage (opposites attract) so I left it out.  And for even more orange flair, I topped off my serving with more orange zest.  One can never have too much zest.

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