Open Faced Smashed Chickpea Salad Sandwich


I am in love with Smitten Kitchen.  Holy moly.  What this lady cranks out of her tiny NY kitchen is simply remarkable. My mom was over for lunch today which made me happy as she is completely accepting of the “vegan-ish” phase I’m going through right now.  So when I find new ways to incorporate legumes into my diet, my mom is the only person I know who gets how excited I am.  I found this Smashed Chickpea Salad at Smitten Kitchen and could not wait to try it.  It’s kinda like a deconstructed hummus which just sounded so good to me.  We had this salad on toast with a little spread of Vegenaise and a side of sliced tomato.  Chickpea heaven!  My mom also approves!  She said it reminded her of Bacalao which is a traditional Portuguese dish made with salted cod and potatoes.  A very interesting comparison indeed but it got me thinking…next time I’ll add a little potato to this salad and see how that goes.

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