“Steak” and Egg Breakfast Burrito


I’m not too into meat substitutes but sometimes I get a craving. Last night I sautéed up some Trader Joe’s beef-less strips with some roasted garlic gray salt and sriracha for dinner. Yum. I’ve found that both the chicken-less strips and beef-less strips can be a little blah but if you spice them up well they are pretty good in fajitas or in this really simple breakfast burrito I just devoured.

“Steak” and Egg Breakfast Burrito

In a non-stick pan, brown up about a 1/4 package of beefless strips. Add in 1 egg, whisked and seasoned with salt & pepper. Cook both together on med heat until done to your liking. Meanwhile, microwave your tortilla for about 10 secs just to warm. Top with your “steak” and eggs. Add a little salsa, chopped tomato, green onion and cilantro and you’re done!

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